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Doctrine Resources and Publications

I’m sure we have all been reflecting a lot about the proposal for a plebiscite and more broadly civil society’s discussion about marriage equality.

The discussion paper on marriage requested by the 13th Assembly has been provided by the Doctrine Working Group for distribution and consideration.

The Doctrine Working Group produces a range of discission papers on various topics of significance to the Uniting Church. They also profile papers written by other writers that address issues of significance.

DocBytes are short discussion starters exploring Uniting Church understandings and beliefs. These two-page papers are especially aimed at groups though they can also be used for personal reflection. They provide some input, questions, and also point to further reading options.

From time to time issues emerge that the Doctrine Working Group is required to respond to. This can be through the Assembly Standing Committee or through other channels.

The Uniting Church's beliefs are drawn from the Bible and our Catholic, Reformed and Evangelical tradition. The primary statement is the Basis of Union (1971,1992) which continues to guide the life of the Uniting Church.

How to Read the Bible is a publication of 12 Simple Guidelines that give insight and assistance in understanding what the Bible is and how best to read it. How to Read the Bible is available in four languages.

The Christian faith is concerned with how we live our lives as well as what we believe. 

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