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Christian Unity Resources

At the 2015 Assembly an important statement “Weaving A New Cloth” was affirmed. 

It is a joint Anglican-Uniting Church statement which has also been agreed to by the Anglican General Synod. 

This paper explores the understanding of lay ministry in the Uniting Church.

This paper details the nature of the Uniting Church and the traditions which inform it.

Representatives of the Lutheran Church of Australia and the Uniting Church in Australia have launched a new liturgy for shared ministry between their churches.

In 2006, at the WCC Assembly in Porto Alegre, a new statement Called to be the one Church was released.

Mission and unity are the very essence of the Church. At a UIM Reference Committee Interim Executive, July 1998 was made that affirms this position.

An Ordered Ministry for an Apostolic Church is a paper that was delivered by Christiaan Mostert at the Uniting Church Conference on Christian Unity held in Melbourne in October 2007.

This is a study document from the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches.

Christian Unity produces a range of resources and reports.

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