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Build crosscultural understanding

The paper Space for grace - living in the ‘grace margin’ in respectful, empowering, and inclusive decision-making, was prepared by the Multicultural and Cross Cultural National Reference Committee as a resource for the Assembly, particularly for the building of genuine and respectful conversations which embrace the full cultural diversity of the Uniting Church. 

The Building Bridges DVD and Study Guide highlights the biblical and theological basis for why cross cultural ministry is at the heart of our communal life. The two DVDs and the accompanying Study Guide can be used by individuals, groups or congregations for group study in the practice of growing disciples in their faith. 

The declaration that the Uniting Church in Australia is a multicultural Church for all God's people sets us on a journey of continual discovery and renewal. One Great Sunday of Sharing helps us to keep this focus at the heart of our common life in the UCA. It is held each year on the 3rd Sunday in July, or another date best suited to the local setting.

Assembly Multicultural and Cross Cultural ministry guides workshops which explore multicultural and multi-faith relationships. 

The following is a list of helpful books, publications and DVDs for those engaged in multicultural and cross cultural ministry.