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Building Bridges Study Guide

The Building Bridges DVD and Study Guide highlights the biblical and theological basis for why cross cultural ministry is at the heart of our communal life. The two DVDs and the accompanying Study Guide can be used by individuals, groups or congregations for group study in the practice of growing disciples in their faith. 

The aim is to encourage all who participate to contribute their stories, thoughts and ideas so that as a group you can become better at building bridges between the cultures in your church and better at building bridges to those of different cultures within your wider community.

The first DVD focuses on themes for conversation in Building Bridges. The second DVD contains case studies in cross-cultural ministry from across the country. They are experiences and insights from communities involved in making cross cultural ministry a reality.

Appropriate sections of the DVD and Study Guide may be used in other contexts, for example, the workshop ‘Living Together as God’s People in this Place’ or simply for private learning and reflection.

 This resource is offered as a tool for strengthening communities and showing the importance of what it means to be a multicultural Church. We hope it may open for you and your congregation a new avenue to explore, or to further deepen an already active interest in living faith and life cross-culturally. In order to set the scene for good participation, we would strongly encourage you to consider eating together as part of these sessions. Food of any kind would be great!

To request copies of the DVD and study booklet please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.