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Introducing the Uniting Church

Here you will find our Basis for Union as well as other historic statements and documents, and information on Andrew Dutney's Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia; all which detail the UCA's proud history.

Introducing the UCAPresident Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney, gives us the benefit of his wide knowledge of the Uniting Church in Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia. Ideally suited for both confirmation classes and individuals desiring background to the history and mission of these pilgrim people. Questions for thought and discussion make it also suitable for small group study.

Printed in 2008, the book is available to buy from MediaCom Education.

Also, you are encouraged to participate in an online discussion using the questions Andrew has posed in the resource.

Three denominations came together in 1977 to form the Uniting Church in Australia. The Basis of Union is the document that set the platform for how these churches came together. It outlines the roles of the different councils of the Church including the presbyteries, the synods, and the Assembly.

It states the central affirmations of the Christian faith and is a guide to what is central in the life of the Uniting Church.

Read the inaugural statement made at the time of union in June 1977.

Read the statement made in 1988, Australia's Bicentennial, by the then President of the Uniting Church, Sir Ronald Wilson.