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Key Papers

The papers here cover faith, religion and spirituality in contemporary society; recognition of ordained ministries; strategies for ministry; and mission and evangelism in the Australian context. 

This is a Statement adopted by the 12th Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia in July 2009. 

This discussion paper has been commissioned by the Assembly Standing Committee  in response to the perception that there is widespread confusion in the church about the ministry of Elder and concern in some quarters that something vital to the spiritual health of the church is, or has been, lost.

Inspired by the current Assembly theme, ‘Living Water, Thirsty Land’, the UCA network of people working in the ministry of spiritual direction approached the Assembly President, Rev. Alistair Macrae, with an idea.

Encouragement and guidance for the formation of new Congregations and Faith Communities of the UCA within institutional and other settings.

The Kairos document is the Christian Palestinians’ word to the world about what is happening in Palestine. In this historic document, the Palestinian Christians declare that the military occupation of their land is a sin against God and humanity.

Fifty-nine leaders of the Uniting Church met at the Holy Cross Retreat Centre, Templestowe, Victoria, over the four days of 18-21 November 1999.

National Theological Consultation 2003
Keynote Address by Bev Fabb

The status, authority and role of the Basis of Union within the Uniting Church in Australia is a discussion paper issued by the Assembly for discussion in 1996.

The 11th Assembly will be asked to grapple with the notion of just what is vital to the life of the church when it meets in Brisbane next year.

Theology and Discipleship has developed a six-part series of short resources to act as discussion starters for congregations and small groups.

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