The process following the 13th Assembly


Resources were prepared for a consultation process by the Doctrine Working Group, facilitators were trained, and a series of consultations were held, including with the UAICC and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) leaders. This resulted in the report Views on marriage in the Uniting Church – Report on a consultation process, 2013 which was sent to all groups named in the proposal and widely circulated throughout the councils of the Church.

Noting the findings of the 2013 consultation process, the Doctrine Working Group prepared a Marriage Discussion Paper and a response form, which was approved by the ASC for distribution. This resulted in a great deal of discussion during 2014. There were 438 responses submitted including individual, small group and large group responses, as well as responses from the Councils and agencies of the Church.

The Doctrine Working Group read all responses carefully. The Working Group kept the ASC informed as required.

A report was prepared for the November 2014 ASC meeting and recommendations prepared for the March 2015 ASC. ASC then brought a proposal to the 14thAssembly in 2015 titled Report to the Assembly on the theology of marriage and public covenants for same-gender relationships within the Uniting Church. It provided the background, the process since the 13th Assembly, the approach of the Doctrine Working Group, key themes in the responses and suggested areas for further work.

Marriage Consultation Report: Views of Marriage in the UCA 2013
Discussion Paper on Marriage
Doctrine Working Group Report to 14th Assembly