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Watch the story of the Uniting Church in Australia unfold in our video series documenting our life, ministries and mission.


An Australian Church


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This is our story as a church. Formed in 1977 as the first truly Australian church, we’re on a journey together. We’re here to serve God and seek hope, compassion, justice and peace in God’s world. We call ourselves a pilgrim people.

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Partnering in Mission
Our congregations
Supporting Communities
Educating for Life
Ageing Well
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We see ourselves as sharing in God’s mission in Australia and overseas. We’re committed to journeying with Australia’s First Peoples for reconciliation and justice. We seek an Australian society that is fair and just for all people. We partner with churches overseas in mutual encouragement and service.
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We have over 2000 congregation of all sizes across Australia. Here is a glimpse at a few of our thriving communities. Uniting Church congregations are diverse in makeup, yet we are part of one body in Christ.

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The Uniting Church is an umbrella for the largest network of non-government community service providers across Australia. UnitingCare agencies offer a range of services in hundreds of locations in every part of Australia. It’s an exciting story going back over a century. Find out more about our agencies: UnitingCare Australia
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The Uniting Church has 50 schools with about 50,000 students across Australia. Many of these schools have long histories as former Presbyterian or Methodist schools, while others have grown more recently. We see education about being for the whole of life and for the whole person. 

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We are a significant provider of aged care in every state and territory in Australia. The Uniting Church is committed to supporting elderly Australians in experiencing quality of life and quality of care in their later years. Find out more about our aged care services: UnitingCare Australia


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